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"Local Mobile Search is booming for all categories in retail with a 75% conversion in 24h!"


georges-alexandre-hanin Jean-Philippe-Blerot

Yeaaah ! First workshop of the VDWEEK 2019 with Georges-Alexandre Hanin, CEO of Mobilosoft and Jean-Philippe Blerot, Digital Omnichannel Product Owner at Carrefour. This first workshop topic can be sum up with those 2 questions : Do you know how to win the online to offline challenge as a retailer or brand? How to use a web-to-store audit to boost conversion of online traffic to your points-of-sales? That is the point! You will understand the ins and outs of web-to-store for your company.

Why should you attend ?

As a retailer or brands it’s impossible to neglect the impact of mobile search (and tomorrow voice search)! More than 50% of the search traffic uses local pages from Google and Facebook as a landing page. Not using this opportunity is missing business for your brand!
This workshop will not only provide you with the most recent trends in local search and how they impact the web-to-store journey but also insights how you can implement the key elements of a solid web-to-store strategy, taking into account your priorities.
It will provide you best practices for active management of web traffic to your physical stores and how to integrate in your omni-channel approach. It will calculate conversion towards your point-of-sales and to have insights in the Return On Investment.

More leads and information are to learn during this exclusive VDWEEK 2019 first workshop ! We are impatient to discover the rest !!! What about you ?

VDW full program : virtuologydigitalweek.com

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Written by Ambre