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The end of the year is approaching, special opening hours as well ...

During this period, your point of sales will most certainly be open during unusual hours or days:

  • late night openings 
  • sunday opening hours
  • open during bank holidays
These special opening days or hours are often crucial for your company. Extra energy and resources are used to generate high turnover and customer satisfaction.  But the competition will also be tough on those days.
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Google gives you the possibility to win more customers! 

Since a few days, Google has given the possibility to retailers to highlight special opening hours of their points of sale.  Your opening hours will be listed in a different colour in the search results Consequently, your customers will know that the hours are up to date and will be confident to go to your point of sale. 


What happens if you do not update your special opening hours in Google? It is easy, your special opening hours will not be shown in Google search or Google Maps.  Instead, it will be mentioned that the hours are uncertain and could change.  As a result, your customers will not know for sure whether the store is open or notIt is possible that they might decide to do something else or go somewhere else.


It is of utmost important that you update those special opening hours and days in Google.  This can be done in your Google My Business account.

Do you need help to add your special opening hours? Contact us!