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For brands from numerous sectors such as hotel & catering, supermarkets, health & beauty, ready-to-wear fashion, household appliances, etc., the summer and sales periods are ideal times to highlight promotions and offers on the “local web”, in order to generate more traffic in their stores.

Your Actions Locator, or how to geolocate your promotional actions!

A responsive Internet sub-site that’s integrated with your brand’s main website, an Actions Locator is deployed as follows:

  1. A main page presenting all current promotions or offers. More info can be accessed on each of these by clicking on a link leading to the specific page for the offer in question.

  2. The offer page and its detailed description, along with a list of the stores where it’s available. For each of these outlets, the basic information needed for direct activation is provided (address, phone number, opening times and directions request), then a link to the local page of the store on your Store Locator.

The Actions Locator is vital for the activation of consumer traffic towards your physical points of sale. And as explained above, each offer page leads to the pages of the stores involved in the promotions. This further supports the consumer activation process, because your Store Locator’s local point-of-sale pages feature additional info such as customer reviews and/or photos of your products.

Here are the 3 key benefits of the Actions Locator:

  • Direct link between your actions / promotions and the stores where they can be found.
  • Ultra-fast Web-to-Store orientation for consumers.
  • Enhancement of the local SEO of your actions, courtesy of the link with the points of sale.


How to implement your Actions Locator?

By Ambre