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[Guest Post] As marketer you all know the importance to put a call to action button and have a short message. But customers see on average 4000 ads/day, that’s huge! They consider brands as intrusive, so you have to stand out from the crowd and one trend on the market to distinguish themselves is to produce interactive ad.

With this kind of ads, customers will be able to personalize his/her desired product, play with it modify its component and then encourage them to buy it by redirecting them to the website. In summary, this marketing technique gives a realistic image in somebody’s mind.

The creative side of your ads is essential but to perform and be effective, you have to supplant your creative ideas with a strategy which is in accordance with your business objectives.

-> https://www.blue2purple.com/why-interactive-ads-are-relevant-to-drive-conversions/

By Ambre