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Out of the experience with our + 40 retailers customer base, we have found that their digital communication investment is more profitable by investing in web-to-store areas, rather than in the traditional fare (site covering, skyscrapers, pop-ups, …).

All industries included, our customers’ stats tell us that their CPM (cost per mille) investment in web-to-store specific areas shrinks their CPM by 60%.

Using multi-diffusion solutions, to have POS data & promos correctly displayed in Google (Maps, G+, promotions) & Foursquare or on retailers’ mobile site, happens to grant you many more views per euro invested as opposed to impressions.

Advantages are plentiful:

1-     Closing a gap between the current customer habits (massive use of digital for searching local & product infos) and what companies make available to them (outdated, incomplete POS & promos data)

2-     Continuous monitoring (in all media covered) that data is correct and in the right format, not erased or manipulated by third parties

3-     Exclusive customer attention: Unlike many pages where numerous ads appear in the same page, by using our web-to-store offers, end users only view the intended info

4-     Self-feeding: by using local pages, brands gain stickiness, hits & engagement

5-     More traffic to physical stores: the ultimate goal is to give people the right POS infos. Once they have it, it is much more likely that they reach the physical stores.

We think these findings are worth sharing, so we are available to show them in detail in case they wake up your curiosity.