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Web-to-store: How to ask your customers for a review on Google My Business?

17/03/16 16:01




It's now no longer possible to use the old link generator on your Google Plus page to ask your customers to write a review that will appear in mobile search results. 

What should you do now?  

customer-experience-expert.jpgAs we said in a recent post, Google is placing greater importance on the popularity of a point of sale in Google Maps in order to rank its search results. That's one more reason to ask your customers - as Google recommends - to leave a review on the Google My Business page of your point of sale. Unfortunately, since Google Plus and Google My Business are gradually being separated, you'll no longer to be able to create a link on your Google Plus interface to share with your customers.

A solution "Made in USA"

Luckily, the SEO community is getting to work, as it waits for Google to provide a simple, permanent alternative to this old tool. The US website grade.us offers you, for example, a highly practical review link generator. To use it, you just have to enter the name of a point of sale and its postal code. The site will ask you to confirm that it has identified the right point of sale. It then gives you a series of links. The second link in this list is the most useful. You just copy and paste this link in an E-mail, on your website or on the Facebook page for your point of sale. By clicking on this link, the customer will automatically open the review form. Then all they have to do is write about how great your point of sale is.


One last piece of advice

Don't forget to thank customers who leave you a review. It's not just about being polite. Responding to reviews is also an important criterion for how Google judges the popularity of your page.