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Consumers get back to their habitual activities in September. Please find some ideas for retail companies to take on the return from summer holidays. 

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Announce a new product or service

The end of summer is a time of change! It’s also the perfect time to announce your new products or services. Whether it's a change to logos, products, services, or offers... you should communicate about it to your customers and prospects.

It’s the time for special offers!

In September, everybody, big and small alike, needs to replace, change or acquire new things. It's the best time of the year for special offers, since households have a lot of purchases to make and their budgets are limited. Whether it’s “buy one, get one half-price” or “buy two, get one free”, these promotions can help you attract new customers and introduce them to your products, thereby using up your surplus stock.

Be visible and accessible on all channels

Today’s customers are increasingly connected and well-informed. In most cases, their purchasing process starts online, so don't hesitate to showcase your top product on your social media pages, and use them to promote your new back-to-school release in order to reach the greatest number of people.

Share inspirational quotes on Facebook and Instagram

From time to time, we all like to read a quote that makes us think or smile. Whatever your field, you can share some quotes or photos on your social media pages, such as Facebook or Instagram, in order to inspire your customers or give them some satisfaction, while also standing out from your competitors.

Surprise your customers and prospects

Building customer loyalty is a daily job for businesses. It's not just about running special offers or cutting prices. You also need to mix things up and surprise your customers and prospects. For instance, you can offer them free accessories when they make a big purchase, hold competitions or prize draws... Don’t forget that a surprised customer is an impressed customer!

Take care of your loyal customers

The back-to-school period is an ideal opportunity to thank your most loyal customers. Be imaginative by offering them gifts or creating events or promotional offers... Good customers like to feel special, and when you reward them, you maintain their trust. For example, VIP evenings or events are very trendy right now.

Attract your online community

Social media are essential for your business, not only for communicating but also for creating a community. The more “general” your community is, the broader an audience it will attract. Also, don’t forget about influencers, who will help keep it going.

Install a tablet to get feedback at all times!

For a local business, it’s important to listen to your customers, in order to respond to their needs as best you can. It’s just that consumers are bombarded with e-mails asking for their opinions about a point of sale, its products, etc., and so don’t take the time to respond. But now there are more attractive, fun approaches to help you get direct feedback. If you put tablets in your points of sale, you’ll get feedback in real time and be able to measure customer satisfaction instantaneously.


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