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Holidays are an intense period for Web-to-store activity. Two factors have a positive impact on Web-to-store traffic.

  1. Consumers are on holiday, so they have more time to go to points of sale. Whether it is in a shop or a restaurant, they will go out and enjoy their free time.
  2. They are often outside of their comfort zone, which means they know less about where they are and will search more about their environment on their smartphones.


This is a perfect moment for you to launch local digital advertising campaigns.

Here are five ideas that will allow you to launch them:

  1. Identify the products or services searched for by tourists and create geo-targeted Google AdWords campaigns. 
  2. Identify your consumers and re-target them on vacation spots through a geo-targeted campaign on Facebook.
  3. Create a ‘look-a-like’ audience of your consumers and reach the ones that resemble them within the scope of a geo-targeted campaign on Facebook.
  4. Advertise in ‘nomadic’ tools. Waze could be a good one, as it also suggests notoriety and activation campaigns could be a good one, as it also suggests notoriety and activation campaigns.
  5. To gain local notoriety, carry out geo-targeted campaigns on national or regional media sites using real-time bidding or Proxistore.

Regardless of what you decide, don’t forget to take into account these two tips:

  1. Properly identify your digital catchment area in order to reach people who will really make the effort to visit your shop.
  2. Properly define the advertising hours of your local digital advertisements in order to not lose any activation outside your opening hours.  


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