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Geo-targeted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an essential part of your web-to-store strategy. But what is it exactly?

Publicit_geolocaliseeIf you have laid the foundations for your web-to-store strategy, each of your points of sale will have at least three channels to reach Internet users:

Drive traffic to your points of sale on the Web

Bring traffic to these web pages with news about your points of sale. This will increase their natural visibility for Internet users. In concrete terms, this means, for example, that you can use these three channels to announce new items in stock, sales items, clearance sales, promotional events, etc.

Each new post is another occasion to raise your visibility. For example, if you share a new sale on the Google Plus page of one of your points of sale, it will appear very quickly in the local search results (mobiles or PC) for Internet users. And an additional line in the search results is one more opportunity to attract attention! In the same way, regularly posting news on the Facebook page of one of your points of sale will increase its visibility a little. Do it for your entire chain and you'll maximise your web-to-store conversion potential

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Buy geo-targeted ads

But you can also use geo-targeted PPC solutions. This possibility is offered by both Google and Facebook.           

  • For each point of sale, you define a geographic scope in which the geo-targeted ads will be activated. The extent of this "ad zone" will depend on your business. A clothing retailer will have a smaller scope for each store than, say, a car dealer. In the first case, the ad will mainly target Internet users on foot who are in the store's immediate vicinity, whereas the car dealer will be focussing on motorists who are willing to travel a greater distance.
  • When an Internet user does a Google search inside the target area for the key words you have defined, a sponsored link will appear at the top of the search results.
  • When an Internet user in the target area uses the Facebook app on their smartphone or logs on to the Facebook site on their PC, they will see a promotional post for your point of sale, and they can then do one of several actions, such as call the store or get directions to the store.


These geo-targeted advertising solutions are very cost-effective, and they enhance your "natural" visibility on Facebook and Google when Internet users are near your points of sale.

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