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How do we go about doing Web-to-Store?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 28/06/18 15:37

Web-to-Store has become a common expression for businesses with retail networks. Whether the stores are company-run or operated by franchisees, it's cool to talk about Web-to-Store or to do Web-to-Store. However, this expression remains vague, vast and poorly understood by most marketers working in retail sales networks. We are receiving more and more questions such as: “what is Web-to-Store exactly?” and “How do we go about doing Web-to-Store?”

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The Summer is coming, here's the checklist for your local digital marketing

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 15/06/18 14:39

The summer period is getting closer and with it the sunny days. From a commercial point of view, the summer is mainly driven by two highlights, balances and periods spent on vacation. A third point is often forgotten: holidays. Indeed, whether in France or Belgium, at least two days are holidays: the national holiday (July 14 in France, July 21 in Belgium) and August 15.

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Digital Advertising : Did you knew that your franchisees/ points of sale pay management fees up to 45%-83% to their local marketing agencies?

By Ambre on 08/05/18 11:49

At Mobilosoft, we are often on the field with our partners and have contacts with franchisees and local teams on a regular basis. For a few months we have been discussing media buying with them. And the conclusion is that a lot of franchisees and local teams have been approached by local marketing agencies for local campaigns. Facebook Ads, Adwords or even Waze Campaigns, we are seeing a growing number of solutions that are sold pretty easily to local points of sale.

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Google Maps is using Businesses as landmarks to guide it's drivers!

By Diego Wauters on 23/04/18 16:45

'Turn left after Mc Donald's' , if you frequently use Google Maps you might have heard the same indications! 

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Mobilosoft will take part to 2017 Paris Retail Week!

By Ambre on 24/08/17 14:58

The third Paris Retail Week has been launched! Date: Tuesday 19 - Thursday 21 September 2017, Venue: Pavilion 7.3, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Paris Retail Week brings together in a single event: E-Commerce Paris, cross-channel event anywhere in Europe and Digital(in)Store, devoted to the digitisation of points of sale and distribution.

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Join us for a breakfast flavoured with Click & Collect and e-reservation!

By Ambre on 10/08/17 11:16

In conjunction with its partner Proximis, Mobilosoft is delighted to be able to invite you to a breakfast taking place on Tuesday 5 September. This gathering will include the presentation of new web-to-store tips and tools.

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How poor communication with your franchisees and branches can compromise your Web-to-Store efforts..

By Ambre on 13/06/17 08:02

At Mobilosoft, we see a lot of retailers - too many – who make the mistake of deploying their Web-to-Store projects unilaterally, without sharing the relevant information with their points of sale.

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How Google’s « Local Guides » impact your local web visibility

By Ambre on 07/03/17 16:53

Google Maps lets his users describe the places they visit. The most active users earn a badge on their profile image as well as the « Local Guide » attribute displayed under their name. Millions of potential consumers rely on these contributions to choose their favourite establishment or ctivities, offering those points of sale an outstanding visibility...

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What will the Web-To-Store look like in 2017 ?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 12/01/17 08:30

The year 2016 provided us with some very useful information on the likely evolution of web-to-store over the coming years. In particular, we saw Google announce the introduction of a new function offering consumers a new way of getting into contact with points of sale: by way of instant messaging.

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A look back at 2016

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 05/01/17 18:26

Now that 2016 is almost over, we can draw some conclusions from a year that was full of web-to-store developments in Europe. This year was marked by the onset of a growth phase that should continue over the next five years.

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