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Attract new visitors to your stores with Mobilosoft & Waze :)

By Ambre on 1/08/19

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It's summer, here is the checklist for your local digital marketing

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 18/07/19

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How Waze leads customers into your outlets?

By Ambre on 12/07/19

In this short video, (re) discover why the brands should resort to Waze to gain visibility and boost the visits in their points of sale!

Topics: Waze
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Valentine's Day and upcoming dates: How to boost visits to your businesses with Google My Business and Waze?

By Ambre on 11/02/19

Like others, Valentine's Day is a special day of the year. For couples, families, relatives is (in theory) a moment of love and sharing, but for chains of shops and restaurants it is especially a great opportunity to attract new customers. Valentine’s Day is just one of the opportunities to use as we know that throughout the year, users are looking for information and advice on places to (re) visit. So you have a double opportunity to use for your marketing communication.

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