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3 min read

Reopening after the lockdown : update your online informations

Par Luana le 5/05/20

“Monday May 4th 2020, first day of the progressive reopening of the economy in Belgium”.

This news, long awaited by business owners, finally has become a reality after these trying times. All businesses are allowed to reopen from May 11th. Restaurant businesses will hypothetically open from June 8th.
In France there are talks about opening the country from May 11th, but the government will only allow it if the number of new cases stays under control. 

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2 min read

[Infographic] What is local SEO?

Par Ambre le 9/10/19

Local SEO continues to assert its rise and this infographic recalls its benefits and best practices for retail networks. Today, 72% of consumers who search locally visit the nearby point (s) of sale. And 86% of people looking for a business location is searching via Google.

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2 min read

Facebook Locations, the digital showcase of your physical stores

Par Ambre le 24/07/19

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4 min read

How to set a Facebook Places page for your Point of Sale?

Par Ambre le 26/04/18

Do you manage multiple points of sale? Are you present or willing to be present on Facebook? In this case, a simple fan page won’t do.. In this article we’ll identify how to set an adequate page for your businesses using Facebook Places pages. This is currently the best way to connect with you local audience on Facebook.

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3 min read

Store Locator: review of good practices

Par Ambre le 8/03/18

A Store Locator is a must-have for any web-to-store strategy, as it helps locate a business’s physical points of sale on its website. Functioning based on geo-location or user request, it displays the points of sale near the user’s position or in a place specified by them.

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2 min read

Store Locator : why is it essential in the web-to-store strategy of your business ?

Par Ambre le 24/03/17

Research is the first step of the customer’s journey and we all know that a vaste majority of consumers are going on online (proximity, opening hours, reviews, directions, etc.) before deciding where to. A Store locator is a module for your website, it enables consumers to locate your physical stores and guarantees a good visibility in local search results.

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2 min read

How can you trigger your online customers to go to a specific point of sale with your Store Locator ?

Par Ambre le 24/03/17

Consumers use a lot of online media to make research on your points of sale. Your Store Locator must be optimised technically to appear in the first local search results. One they found it you have to make sure your Store Locator is also optimised : you should test every aspect of your store locator to make sure it looks appealing and triggers your customers to go to your point of sale.

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1 min read

How can you use the precious data generated by your Store Locator ?

Par Ambre le 24/03/17

One of the advantages of internet today is that we can measure and analyse the consumer’s behaviour, which you can also do with your Store Locator. However, companies collect such amounts of data nowadays that they can sometimes lose sight of which data is important. The term “big data”, illustrates this reality perfectly…

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2 min read

A new Store Locator for Carrefour by Mobilosoft !

Par Ambre le 31/01/17

Today, 85% of consumers look up information about businesses online before they go there in person (source: ropo.fr). In this web-to-store context, Carrefour has entrusted Mobilosoft with the management of its virtual points of sale, in particular the custom development of a Store Locator...

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