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Attract new visitors to your stores with Mobilosoft & Waze :)

By Ambre on 1/08/19

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Mobilosoft will take part to 2017 Mobile World Congress...

By Ambre on 16/02/17

Mobilosoft will take part to the Mobile World Congress later this month :

MWC will begin in Barcelona on Monday, 27th of February. This event is the biggest event around Mobile Technologies in the world. Many topics will be discussed and presented during the congress, among others: mobile marketing, local marketing, geolocation applications and many more.

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A new Store Locator for Carrefour by Mobilosoft !

By Ambre on 31/01/17

Today, 85% of consumers look up information about businesses online before they go there in person (source: ropo.fr). In this web-to-store context, Carrefour has entrusted Mobilosoft with the management of its virtual points of sale, in particular the custom development of a Store Locator...

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Mobilosoft is now a partner of Google Adwords!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 30/03/16



We have already talked about it in our previous articles, Google Adwords is a very good ally to generate even more traffic in store. It allows us to be more complete and to achieve a new goal for the web-to-store strategy: help our clients creating geolocated ads! It allows to target specifically clients who are looking to buy a product next to they are standing. 

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Medi-Market partners with Mobilosoft for a Web-to-Store initiative

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 25/02/16

Web-to-store evolution

Nowadays, consumers aren't just using the Internet to make online purchases. More and more often, they are gathering information online and then going to a physical point of sale. Medi-Market is working with Mobilosoft to develop a targeted approach to this new purchasing behaviour.

The Medi-Market Group currently includes four parapharmacies in Belgium, with the ambition of reaching 10 points of sale by the end of 2016. Their specificities?

  • The lowest prices, with discounts ranging from 10 to 50%;
  • A wide  choice of products, with more than 8,000 references at each point of sale;
  • Advice provided by a multidisciplinary team with expertise in nutrition, care, beauty, etc.
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e-wego joins Mobilosoft !

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 3/12/15

We are very happy and proud to announce that Mobilosoft has acquired its French counterpart e-wego, a company specialised in presence management. We welcome Nicolas and Stéphane into the Mobilosoft family.

We are convinced that the combination of our technologies, our solutions and our approaches will be an enormous plus for the web-to-store market and for our customers!

Below you will find a press release announcing this event in the web-to-store world.

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