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It is time to plan your Google posts for Purim !

By Ambre on 12/02/18 14:06

As for many seasonal holidays, Purim is an important sales period for many companies. During this period it is key to have a good visibility and a clear communication about your special deals and promotions to boost your sales. Thanks to the my.mobilosoft platform, you can share your promotions on each Google local of your network through the Google Posts.

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Google My Business, what’s this?

By Ambre on 29/01/18 12:01

Google My Business is Google’s platform allowing businesses to manage their local presence. This will enable a company to manage how her business is shown within Google and Google Maps results. Furthermore it allows a company to display all crucial information about a point of sale (opening hours, itinerary, reviews,...) within those results.

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New Feature within Google My Business: Upload native videos to your Business page

By Ambre on 11/01/18 15:12

Until today, you had to have a YouTube account linked to your Google My Business account in order to display videos hosted on YouTube on your Business Page. Today Google is working a an important update that allows you to upload a video directly from your computer, mobile or tablet.

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Tutorial : How to validate your locations on Google

By Ambre on 11/01/18 10:58

Google My Business is a tool that allows companies to manage their data on Google and Google Maps. Before managing your location’s data, you must confirm to Google that you are the legitimate owner of this location (or administrator).

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What are micro-moments and how do they generate traffic through Google My Business?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 05/10/17 12:04

In digital marketing, micro-moments are defined by the likes of Google as short specific periods of time which consumers spend on their mobile phones or tablets during the day.

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Companies organized around a points of sale network : increase your Internet visibility for a better web-to-store conversions with Google My Business

By Ambre on 17/08/17 16:55

Google My Business is the Google's service offering web visibility to physical stores to appear in its local search results. As part of a web-to-store marketing strategy, it is essential for points of sale to manage information in Google My Business to be present in Google Search and Google Maps. Your visibility will depend on the competition and the quality of your information.

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Google My Business: How do you disable e-mail notifications telling you that a Google Post is about to expire?

By Ambre on 04/08/17 10:01

For a few weeks now, local businesses have been able to write and publish posts on their local My Business listings (visible in Google Search and Google Maps). Google Posts are displayed for seven days before they disappear, and an e-mail alert is automatically sent just before they are about to expire.

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Google My Business: 9 tips for great performance with Google Posts

By Ambre on 27/07/17 13:35

A recent arrival on the scene, Google Posts is a function that lets you post messages daily on local My Business listings in Google Search and Google Maps. Since this launch, we have put together new information that will help you manage these posts.

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Google My Business : What you need to do to improve your local ranking ?

By Ambre on 10/01/17 11:01

The local ranking of a business refers to its level of visibility in local search results. These results are displayed in various places on Google when a user searches for products or services close to where they are at that moment or when they specify a geographical criterion.

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Local Pack: Google lets you filter local search results

By Ambre on 05/01/17 17:21

New features in Google My Business keep pouring in. Users can now specifically filter results in order to fine-tune their searches. Until now, this function was only active for restaurant searches, but it has just been extended to other business activities.

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