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2 min read

[F&B] how to adapt your Facebook pages for Covid closures?

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 20/10/20

After posting an article yesterday on adapting your listings on Google My Business, here are some tips for doing the same on Facebook.

Topics: Facebook Foodservice/Catering industry Covid-19
3 min read

User guide : How to claim your Local Page on Facebook?

Par Ambre le 9/10/19

Nowadays companies can display their shops on Facebook thanks to Facebook Local Pages. Those Local Pages can be managed from the corporate Facebook Page. However, sometimes you’ll notice that your location is already published on Facebook Local Pages. Therefore Facebook created a claim system in order to gain ownership of your Local Page back.

Topics: Facebook
2 min read

Facebook Locations, the digital showcase of your physical stores

Par Ambre le 24/07/19

Topics: Facebook Store Locator
3 min read

Batibouw, The imm Cologne and counterparts: How to promote your participation on Google and Facebook local pages?

Par Ambre le 25/02/19

While the historic Belgian Batibouw fair opened its doors, it was worth recalling the importance of these events dedicated to interior design and adjoining actors. In a national or even an international context these specialized meetings are an opportunity to retain or attract a new clientele for major brands in the market (mixing furniture, decoration, DIY, appliances ...) and more specialized chain stores (kitchen, home decorators, bedding specialist..).

Topics: Google My Business Facebook Google Posts Google Maps Batibouw Interior Design Marketing Campaigns Calendar
4 min read

How to set a Facebook Places page for your Point of Sale?

Par Ambre le 26/04/18

Do you manage multiple points of sale? Are you present or willing to be present on Facebook? In this case, a simple fan page won’t do.. In this article we’ll identify how to set an adequate page for your businesses using Facebook Places pages. This is currently the best way to connect with you local audience on Facebook.

Topics: Facebook Tutorial Social Media Store Locator
3 min read

How is Facebook going to automate your web-to-store ?

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 3/05/16

Since the Facebook Developer Conference (F8), it is what everybody is talking about. How and why robots created by the Social Media Genius are going to revolutionize the way retailers communicate with their customers?

Topics: Facebook
3 min read

Facebook offers: An asset for your points of sale

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 12/04/16


On Facebook, pages for places/businesses with at least 50 Likes can create offers. It may not be Facebook's best-known function, but it can still be a very useful one.

The creation of local offers is a boon for businesses wishing to develop an online community of followers by offering them discounts. What’s more, these offers can be used to validate a web-to-store strategy developed on Facebook: what better evidence of return on investment than seeing prospects come into your points of sale with a coupon from your Facebook page?

Topics: Facebook
2 min read

Facebook launches two new web-to-store tools

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 27/11/15

Two additional functions allow businesses that manage multiple points of sale to better connect with the closest consumers.

Topics: Facebook