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5 min read

[Lockdown] The 8 Best Practices on Google My Business

Par Lucie Carrière le 30/10/20

We hoped it wouldn't get there but here it is : the second wave of Coronavirus has put lockdown back on the table in Europe.

The measures taken vary from from countries and regions, however frequently updating your  listings online stays a necessity. Here are eight Best Practices on Google My Business to guarantee your customers have your latest informations.

Topics: Google My Business Covid-19
1 min read

[Covid-19] how to use Google My Business to promote your e-commerce?

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 21/10/20

Direction of indirect research

In these times of covid crisis, sometimes it's good to remember that the customer is king. Of course, this is not easy for traders forced to close, but sometimes the survival of the brand and the relationship with customers are at stake.

Topics: Google My Business Covid-19 E-commerce
2 min read

[F&B] how to adapt your Facebook pages for Covid closures?

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 20/10/20

After posting an article yesterday on adapting your listings on Google My Business, here are some tips for doing the same on Facebook.

Topics: Facebook Foodservice/Catering industry Covid-19
5 min read

Tripadvisor’s 5 actions to help during the lockdown

Par Luana le 7/05/20

Since the beginning of the lockdown, Tripadvisor has been side by side with restaurants providing advice on how to manage the crisis.  Offering resources, best practices, and tips for getting the most out of Tripadvisor.

Topics: Tripadvisor Covid-19 Local Digital Marketing