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“At the time of my Presidency of IAB (2001-2013), I had to work in Belgium and all over Europe to give credibility and professionalism to digital marketing. Today it is about imagining and deploying digital strategies using the appropriate channels. The Virtuology International group is a reference for many customers in Belgium and elsewhere! Come meet our experts & exclusive Guests specialist in Digital Marketing and discover many inspiring cases during the Virtuology Digital Week 2019! ”

Alain Heureux will be our host during the Keynote session on 09/05. 🔥

Entrepreneur with numerous experiences from his work with IAB, Brussels Creative and now Virtuology Academy, he has developed a significant number of startups throughout his career. Always thinking out of the box, Alain is giving you all his Digital Marketing insights, entrepreneurship tips and his warm smile on this exclusive Keynote day!

Virtuology Digital Week 2019:
💥12 speakers – 11 Workshops – 200 attendees
💥Exclusive Guests : Google – Waze – Amazon – LBMA – Needle – Proximus

VDW full program 👇🏻

By Ambre