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My behaviour:

I had a little misadventure this past week-end, and it illustrates the absolute necessity of having your business listed on Google My Business.

It all began quite simply last Saturday: a friend and colleague asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner that evening. I gladly accepted. I copied the address he sent by PM on Facebook into my organizer. 

No restaurant? 

That evening, I got into my car and opened Google Maps. It got the address from my organizer and displayed the location in my calendar. Since it didn't understand the number very well, it displayed the whole street. I looked it over, and I saw a few restaurant names, but not the one I was looking for. Intrigued, I did a new search in Google Maps, using the restaurant's name and general location. Still nothing.


 In the end, I decided to trust my colleague - who is a meticulous and well-organised person - and I entered the restaurant's exact address. Twenty minutes later, I got to my destination. The restaurant was right where he said it would be, but it wasn't on Google. I told myself I would get to the bottom of this mystery, but first I was going to enjoy my evening. 


No Google My Business? No Google Maps! 

The next morning, I went to my computer and did a little search on Google. I found the restaurant, but... there wasn't that little window which shows that it's present on Google My Business, nor was there a little pin in Google Maps. I did a search on my smartphone browser: the restaurant was also in the search results there. It didn't have its own website, but it was listed on resto.be and yelp.

The conclusion is clear: if you don't list your point of sale on Google My Business, it won't appear in Google Maps. And that makes it all the more difficult for mobile users to find it. Here you can learn how to promote web-to-store behaviour by using Google My Business for your stores!

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