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Many opportunities have recently emerged for the retailer who uses Google My Business. This update will help local businesses to be stand out. Discover it now!

Attract new customers with the welcome offer

Since Google users can track new posts on My Business listings, it's possible to set up a welcome offer that will send directly during their first-time subscription.

Indeed, outlets can now provide special offers that targeting to new "subscribers" via Google My Business. These offers can be automatically granted and saved in users’ account. Affiliate users will then receive promotions, offers, and Google Posts directly from their favorite places.


welcome-offer-google-my-businessCredits : Google

Get badges for your best establishments

Google wants to recognize the local brands who regularly provide an exceptional experience to its customers by awarding a new title "Local Favorite". This title will be put in their business listing pages as a reward for being the most efficient establishments in their related industry (Google My Business category).

This designation will accompany with an embedment of badge of honor (digital and physical). It will be a significant asset to encourage consumers and engage more quickly to the point of sales.

Give names and short URLs to your local listings

Verified Google My Business page by setting a profile name (similar to Facebook), @establishment, and a short URL with g.page/establishment.

Therefore, as soon as users fill in the URL, it will directly display and attach in their Google page. Soon, users will be able to do the same on Google Maps with the @establishment request.


Give more visibility from your logo

Based on the branding point of view, the logo is significantly more important than before. Institutions that have filled in all of the basic information (opening hours, phone number, etc.) will see it directly at the top right of their My Business page.

Publish cover picture that represents your stores

The cover picture feature has been improving. Indeed, the image specified in the dashboard as the main cover image will be displayed. Previously, another picture is randomly displayed regardless of the picture that the business actually choose.

Google My Business features are constantly evolving and it's a real challenge for retailers who need to manage dozens or hundreds of outlets. Also, it is always relevant to call on an experienced partner to help them optimize their local online presence.



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By Ambre