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What is Snapchat ?

Developed by Stanford students, Snapchat is an app for sharing pictures & videos to your friends. The special feature is that there is a time limit to see the picture that your friends has sent you. Every picture or video is only available during a short period of time (1 to 10 sec).

There is also « Snapchat Story » : stories are an ensemble of pictures and videos that you want to show your friend during 24 hours.


What difference between Snapchat and other media ?

Snapchat is so different than other medio and that’s why it is working. This is also why retailers are not familiar with it. Indeed, it is impossible for retailers to measure the impact on their stores. Like for example : you can’t measure the click rate or the view rate.

However, you can use Snapchat to make mini-surveys in order to know who bought your product for example.
Birchbox has understood that ! They asked their customers to screenshot the product that they have bought. Birchbox was able to get a number of screenshot taken on their picture.


Snapchat Business model :

Snapchat builds its own model on several financial resources:

  • Ads through “Discover” (news feature of Snapchat to discover everyday news during 24 hours)
  • The purchase of Geofilter “On-Demand” by retailers (filters created by users depending on their geographic position for special events for example)
  • Sponsoring of several Geofilters for brands


How apply it to your web-to-store strategy ?

Snapchat is targeting the younger generation between 14 and 25 year old.

Try to attract the attention of your customers in the first place, then you can stimulate and work on your commitment to it.

Snapchat and storytelling 

Use storytelling to give an insight view of your business to your followers and share daily information on your point of sales also everyday. The idea is to create a community that has a real connection to your business. 



  • How can you use that network to generate traffic into your point od sales ?

    Share news

Thanks to pictures & videos, you can share all the content that you want on your new products/services. For example, give sneak peek of your new collection !When you want to launch a new product, you can create a story around it, how it is shipped, packed and displayed in the store.

Asos loves using Snapchat to show some new pieces that are about to appear on the website.


  • Use couponing

Play with the ephemeral side of Snapchat to create flash promotion.
You can mention a promo code on your story and say it is only available 24h to convince indecisive customers to order or buy your products. You can reward them for their loyalty !

You can also create geolocalised promo. Once your customer enters your point of sale, he can receive a promo code. And there you go, your own geolocalised ads 

  • Play with Snapchat filters


Thanks to Snapchat filters, you can target your customer base who is next to your point of sale.

Your customers can snap during their visit into your point of sale and add a filter to share their experience (see the example with Sephora)




  • Create a communication cross media


Express is a shop online and uses cross media communication very well. They are displaying pictures of different looks on their story and then a checklist of what followers might want. Followers can respond by doing a screenshot of the look and check what they would like to buy. All they have to do is send the picture back to Express who shares the best rated looks on Facebook and Twitter. How smart is that ? Why not apply this to your own business ?

  • Finally, share unique content


Be bold, bring something new and concrete to the table (or the story in this case ;-)). Be relevant to your followers, they deserve it !

What about Snapchat’s future ? 

It is on ! Snapchat is going to launch its own online business. You will be soon able to order directly from the app thanks to a purchase button in Discover (more info in the following months).

Where customers are, brands will go. Snapchat users are constantly increasing, and this is why marketers are seeking for new communication methods, which Snapchat is responding well.