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In May, Google plans on reinforcing the obligation for websites to be mobile friendly. What do you need to remember? Will your web-to-store policy be impacted?


A few days ago, Google announced its intention to launch a new update of its ranking algorithms in order to better account for the compatibility of websites with smartphones.

Mobilegeddon: Is it back?

This update comes one year after it was first announced that mobile friendliness would start to be a significant consideration. Launched in April 2015, the operation was dubbed “Mobilegeddon” at the time.

The aim of this new update seems to be the same: to penalise websites that do not display correctly in search results on smartphone screens.

Important for your web-to-store

If you wish to appear in the search results of mobile users when they do a local search near one of your points of sale, this update concerns you. All your efforts would in fact fall flat if Google rejected your website because it was not mobile-friendly enough for them. You better make sure then, with the help of the mobile-friendly test in Google Webmaster tools.