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In order to access the O2O metrics (In-store visits, in-store sales,...) of your business, you have to put 2 Google products into work. Google My Business, in which you can manage your location properly and Adwords for the launch of your local campaigns. Then we can extrapolate those results and start making conclusions.

Google allows for 3 measurement tools regarding your O2O conversion

Store visits: Linked with Adwords and using geolocalized position tracking, Store visits will give you an estimations on how many people came to visit your shop after they clicked on your ad. If you add the average spending to this measurement you’ll have a solid base to calculate your ROI.


Store Sales Direct: this solutions allows you to anonymously cross data between Google users and fidelity programs thanks to the user’s email address. This solutions enables you to make a connection with the product basked of a certain client that clicked on our ads. Thanks to this insight you’ll be able to optimize your local campaigns depending on the product categories you promote through your campaigns.

Google analytics: It is possible to make the same assumptions with Google Analytics. In this case, you’ll make the same connection as for Store Sales Direct but by adding the conversion data coming from Google analytics you’ll get an even more accurate view on the effectiveness of your campaign and the omnichannel path your customer are going through before buying something in your shop.

From an online to offline perspective, it is key for retail businesses to start using Store Visits and other statistics linked to Google my business to start measuring the ROI of your campaigns!


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