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Web-to-Store is the branch of digital marketing aimed at using the Web to generate traffic in brick-and-mortar stores. This branch is becoming increasingly important, since according to many recent studies, the searches performed by consumers to find products or services are increasingly being done with a local intent. According to Google, nearly a third of searches on mobile devices have a local orientation (more info here). Since we know that half of all searches are done on smartphones, this gives us an idea of the potential of Web-to-Store.

In-Store traffic:

For a whole series of points of sale, Google has also analysed the conversion of these searches into store traffic. Here again, the results speak for themselves. An interesting case highlighted by Google on its blog showed that 44% of visits to Petit Bateau shops come after a Web search.


All of this leads us to try to identify the value that Web-to-Store brings to retail brands. There are several ways to calculate this value:

  1. Using a probability-based algorithm.
  2. Using coupon redemption.
  3. Using cookies and loyalty programme logins.
  4. Soon we will also be able to use ‘In-Store Visits’, a tool Google launched in the US two years ago that shows how web traffic is converted into in-store traffic.

At Mobilosoft we have used these different methods with our clients and obtained very interesting results. For example, with Auto5, the Belgian subsidiary of the Norauto Group, the ROI provided by Mobilosoft is well above 1000%.

We are constantly working to refine the analytical methods and attribution models. We also integrate information about changes in purchasing behaviours (average shopping cart size, frequency) and client life cycles.

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