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Another in-store couponing technology:

Copsonic, a French company is launching a new tool to deliver coupons inside stores. The solution is based on ultrasounds (we, human do not detect this signal). Ultrasounds are send eather through the music system of the store, eather by a device that may be easily placed inside the store.

To receive coupons, customers must be equiped with an App. Copsonic decided to create one App that will be valid for all stores (there is also a SDK available so that stores chains may include it inside their own App) so that the customers do not need to download an App for all Retailers. 

An interesting case:

While the technology may look a bit closed to Beacons, it has several advantages compared to Beacons:

  1. You don't need to install the copsonic solution as it may run on your existing audio systems
  2. You don't need to replace batteries or the entire Beacon when the batery is down
  3. Everything may be managed from outside of the store
  4. Customers do not need to activate their bluethoot (that consume a lot of battery)


How to get further:

While the technology seems to be very promising, it still needs to go a bit further. The good point is that retailers will have a direct view on the sales generated by the technology. But it is limited to people already inside the stores. It may be difficult then to be sure it has a big impact on the store sales (except for the advertised product).

What could be interesting is to use this technology in order to measure the web-to-store conversion rate. In other words, could we correlate the views of promotions on the web and the traffic generated inside the store and link it to the redemption of the coupons?

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