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Public Holidays in Mai: Have you scheduled your exceptional openings hours on Google yet?

19/04/18 16:49

This year’s Labor Day , the 8th of May 1945 (France), Assumption Day and Whit Monday all fall on weekdays. This makes it even more important to correctly set the exceptional opening hours of yours business on the web!

Why is it so important to manage your exceptional opening hours?

During public holidays it is key to announce when your shops will be open to your audience, their are multiple reasons for that:

People have more time to go shopping on public holidays, so you’re missing out potential clients if you don’t specify when your shop is open.

- As it is a public holiday, people will look for specific information about your exceptional opening hours in order to avoid going to a closed store. So make sure to set them right because people pay closer attention to your business information during holidays!

- It is an excellent way to stand out of the competition as lots of companies don’t have the reflex yet to communicate and share their exceptional hours during holidays.

Specific opening hours on the local Google My Business Pages

Google My Business is one of the few players that allows companies to plan their exceptional hours in advance. Google also uses different colors regarding exceptional hours. This allows consumers to know if the business they are looking at specified if they were open on that precise day or not. One can immediately tell the difference between businesses that did managed their exceptional hours (green message to state that the opening hours are correct) and those who didn’t (orange message stating that those hours may differ).

Emplify the announcement of your exceptional hours with Google Posts

Google my Business has a lot of features that businesses can use to increase ‘online to offline’ traffic in their stores. The latest feature that doesn’t need any further introduction is the Google Post. With this features Google actually allows you to literally share content directly on your Google My Business page. Which exposes your content to large audience and enhances your chances of attracting local customers. 

Would you like additional help to implement your exception opening hours on Google?

Nowadays, the quality of the information displayed on the web has a lot of impact on the engagement of your customers towards your business!



Written by Ambre