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Boost your sales during the holiday season: optimise your local Google Page(s) right away !

By Ambre on 12/12/17 09:45

The end of the year is near and so is the holiday season. This is an important period for lots of companies as Christmas and New Year are two major sale drivers for the end of the year. From special promotions to exclusive deals, brands are trying their best to make their products your future gift. And as for almost 90% of the people, customers will go check online before going on their shopping spree.

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How can you ask your customers for reviews?

By Ambre on 14/11/17 16:31

The wide majority of people searching for information on a specific store/location will definitely check the reviews left by other users. Furthermore, those reviews can be checked at all times and by everyone. In this article we will give you more information about how and why community managers should encourage users to leave reviews.

Topics: Reviews
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How to manage your reviews and why?

By Ambre on 14/11/17 15:01

Google my Business is the most used service when it comes to Reviews and Ratings. In order to optimise your e-reputation properly you should definitely manage your Reviews on this media. Learn more on to how you should manage your reviews and how you can exploit the functionalities of Google my Business.

Topics: Reviews
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Point of sale online/e-reputation : Should you involve the store managers?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 14/11/17 12:24

Recent studies show us that the customers use online ratings to determine which shop they will go to. In this study , you will find intresting figures. One of which tells us that 90% of the customers will read less than 10 reviews to make up his mind when looking online.

Topics: Reviews
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6 Best practices to manage your local e-reputation efficiently!

By Ambre on 10/11/17 14:01

No matter which activity branch you’re in, your online reputation widely depends on the customers experience and the reviews and ranking they attribute to your store. Depending on how you act, those review can be a boost for your business or a menace as well. Dear Community Managers, here are the key steps to an effective review management!

Topics: Reviews
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What are micro-moments and how do they generate traffic through Google My Business?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 05/10/17 12:04

In digital marketing, micro-moments are defined by the likes of Google as short specific periods of time which consumers spend on their mobile phones or tablets during the day.

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Mobilosoft will take part to 2017 Paris Retail Week!

By Ambre on 24/08/17 14:58

The third Paris Retail Week has been launched! Date: Tuesday 19 - Thursday 21 September 2017, Venue: Pavilion 7.3, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Paris Retail Week brings together in a single event: E-Commerce Paris, cross-channel event anywhere in Europe and Digital(in)Store, devoted to the digitisation of points of sale and distribution.

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When virtual assistants creep into consumers’ lives

By Ambre on 18/08/17 10:47

Whether they're called Google Home, Alexa, Siri or Cortana, virtual assistants will be (and already are) the technology consumers will be interacting with when they search for products and services, read the news or want entertainment. The era of the virtual assistant is subtly replacing the mobile search era, with voice as its leading argument.

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Companies organized around a points of sale network : increase your Internet visibility for a better web-to-store conversions with Google My Business

By Ambre on 17/08/17 16:55

Google My Business is the Google's service offering web visibility to physical stores to appear in its local search results. As part of a web-to-store marketing strategy, it is essential for points of sale to manage information in Google My Business to be present in Google Search and Google Maps. Your visibility will depend on the competition and the quality of your information.

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Join us for a breakfast flavoured with Click & Collect and e-reservation!

By Ambre on 10/08/17 11:16

In conjunction with its partner Proximis, Mobilosoft is delighted to be able to invite you to a breakfast taking place on Tuesday 5 September. This gathering will include the presentation of new web-to-store tips and tools.

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