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Hey Belgium ! Here we go again for the 4th Belgian delegation edition at the WebSummit conference in Lisbon 🇵🇹We will join the world’s largest conference event of its kind that will welcome more than 70,000 people composed by CEOs and founders of the world’s biggest company but also, influential investors, leading journalist and promising startups.

The plan for this afternoon is to attend on the main stage many interesting speeches such as the one from Edward Snowden. Do you remember him? He exposed US government’s system of mass surveillance and now live a life in hiding. What were his motivations to bring down this system?

Another exciting conference on this first day, the one from the president of Huawei, who will talk about 5G and how this innovation could be the foundation of a new era coming soon. What will be the new challenges offered by this emerging novelty ?

By Ambre