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Google began merging the information available on the Google pages of big companies (On the right of your screen) with the local information of their stores displayed in the Local Pack. (specific space for local searches). You can find additional information on this topic in our next article.

Let’s have a look at how companies are displayed within local searches:

  1. The knowledge panel

    This element contains all the generic information of a company like the address of the headquarters, the company’s history etc.

  2. The local pack

    This element displays 3 points of sale that are relevant to your search and have the best accordance with Google’s selection criterias.

    When looking at the images below, you’ll notice that a local pack can can display more or less information about your company depending on your search request.

    For example, when you target a specific brand, you will have a link to the website of the brand and have a button to request an itinerary of the nearest shop. When your search request is less precise, like searching for a type of business and a place, you’ll find the average note of each business, pictures of the shop and you will be able to sort the list on their average rating.


  3. The Local Knowledge Panel

    This Google My Business Page gives you a complete overview of the information available for one unique shop. You’ll be able to check opening hours, shared Google Posts, the average rating by users, a call button, pictures and a link to the website of the shop and much more.

What does the new integrated pack looks like on Mobile Searches?


You’ll find two tabs in this new version of the local pack

The first one is the ‘addresses tab’, this element will show you 3 points of sale of the concerned company.
The second one is the ‘about thumbnail’ as we know it (Headquarters address, company history, and more).

Notice : your Knowledge Panel has to exist for your brand if you want to get this new display for your organisation.


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By Ambre