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Before visiting a point of sale, most consumers take a look at the company’s website, first and foremost to discover which establishments have a particular product or service. However, many brands’ sites are not sufficiently optimised to cater for this type of request..

If you want to stand out from the crowd this autumn, then now’s the time to prepare what we call a “Promo Pinboard”. Complementary to your Store Locator, this search page provides a direct link between your latest offers and the places where they’re available.

How does the Promo Pinboard work?

Basically, this search tool enables web users to view the products & services on offer in nearby locations (shops, leisure centres, miscellaneous establishments...).

Via a dedicated menu on your website (“New!”, for instance), the web user can access a list of your products/services/offers. When they select a particular product, they will be taken to a descriptive page which will show (amongst other info) all the points of sale where it’s available.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased traffic towards your physical locations
  • A direct link between your actions/promotions and the places offering them
  • Ultra-rapid web-to-store orientation for consumers
  • Enhancement of your local listing via the link with the multiple point-of-sale pages from your Store Locator.

Want to find out more about the web-to-store actions that can be activated for back-to-school? Then don’t hesitate..