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Web-to-store evolution

Nowadays, consumers aren't just using the Internet to make online purchases. More and more often, they are gathering information online and then going to a physical point of sale. Medi-Market is working with Mobilosoft to develop a targeted approach to this new purchasing behaviour.

The Medi-Market Group currently includes four parapharmacies in Belgium, with the ambition of reaching 10 points of sale by the end of 2016. Their specificities?

  • The lowest prices, with discounts ranging from 10 to 50%;
  • A wide  choice of products, with more than 8,000 references at each point of sale;
  • Advice provided by a multidisciplinary team with expertise in nutrition, care, beauty, etc.

Online sales?

Thanks to positive feedback from its physical stores, the Medi-Market Group has decided to expand a part of its concept to online sales: Medi-Market. The ultimate goal? Create continuity between the in-store experience and online access for people who can't go to a store or don't have the time.Medi-Market_se_lance_dans_le_web-to-store_avec_Mobilosoft

Bringing web users into stores 

But Medi-Market doesn't intend to stop there. "In fact, searching for a point of sale and a product increasingly starts with the Internet (smartphones and PC)," says Nicolas Znamensky, Medi-Market digital manager. "We therefore believe it's essential to help consumers find what they need as efficiently as possible. The solutions proposed by Mobilosoft help us guide web users to the point of sale that can accommodate them the best, depending on their particular needs (location, business hours, product availability, etc.)."

Mobilosoft: a results-oriented approach

And it's no coincidence that Medi-Market has entrusted Mobilosoft with this project. "The choice of Mobilosoft was an obvious one, since Mobilosoft has shown innovation and flexibility in its ROI-oriented approach. The proximity with the company, which is very important in this type of project, was the decisive factor during the negotiation phase. It was even more important in the implementation phase, which was made more fluid thanks to the listening skills, advice and enthusiasm of the Mobilosoft team. "

And this partnership is set to continue, since upgrades are being planned for the coming months.

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