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Today in my search for new web-to-store ideas, I had the chance to met some tech guys from Fujitsu. They showed me an interesting technology that uses light signals to deliver coupons to smartphones. 

It is based on the fact that a smartphone can detect light signals modification that are not visible for humans. The variations of the signal integrate a code that may include any type of data such as a url or some content. It works a bit like Shazam, the light is replacing the sound.

Ok, then what is the user flow?

First, users need to download an App. Once the App installed, they may "scan" an image, a movie or simply a scene illuminated by a light that includes the signal modifications. After a moment, they get the coupon or the desired content!

This is all explained in this video:

What are the potential use cases?

This technology may be used for web-to-store activities:

  • Push coupons from TV advertising or movies (product placement)
  • Push coupons from other screen advertising (street, virtual shops, digital signage)

It is also interesting to be used in-store when people are looking for more info about products. The light is directed to a product in the showcase and people may get redirected to a landing page with more info. Whynot using it as well as a mean to continue selling products even when the stores are closed...

The technology is currently used by one of the main shop-tv show in Japan. Results seems to be very successfull (above the expectations of the tv company), but it is difficult to know more ...

Does it looks like something else?

Yes, it is a bit similar in the principle as what we see on the QR code area. 

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