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Web-to-store is worth being managed properly!

"Sometimes, real life gives us the funniest demonstration of just how effective a store's online presence can be. Too bad about the user experience though. :-").


The photo that goes with this article was taken in front of a French post office on Whit Monday. Nothing could be more normal, you're probably thinking: why would a post office be open on a bank holiday.


 But here's the thing: on its website, the Post Office had announced that this location would be open on Whit Monday. So, all these poor people, who were just hoping to take care of a few errands, were fresh out of luck. Their unfortunate experience highlights a crucial consideration for all businesses: in today's world, local listing has a real impact on consumer behaviour. 

What about YOUR points of sale? Have you correctly posted their opening and closing times? Their address? Their telephone numbers? Are your customers safe from any bad experiences? Get your free audit:

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