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A bad experience for one of our colleagues perfectly illustrates the importance of updating practical information for your points of sale.

I can't resist the urge to tell you about the unfortunate experience which just happened to me. With the start of the school year approaching, my wife called the stationery store a few blocks from our house to order school supplies for the kids. The salesperson was very professional — at least at first, suggesting that my wife send him the list by email and he would prepare the order, so that I could come pick it up later at the store. This solution really made things easier for us. My wife gladly accepted.

Opening hours

Late in the afternoon, I checked Google on my phone to find the store's opening hours. Perfect! The store closed at 7:30 pm, so I had time to stop by after work. No need to hurry. At 7 pm, I arrived at the store part of a well-known chain and there I was, faced with a locked door. I called out to the store manager, who partially opened the door to explain that he was implementing summer closing hours, as posted on the door. In the summer, the store closes at 7 pm, not 7:30.



I told him that I had taken the time to check the opening hours on the internet before coming, and it said 7:30. I added that my children were leaving that evening and that I absolutely needed these supplies. He replied that I should just call the head office to inform them of the mistake, and then he closed the door in my face. I went home empty-handed and absolutely furious

The next day, I took his advice: I contacted the head office to suggest a meeting.  It seems to me they need a serious hand with listing their points of sale online & start driving web-to-store trafic. 

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