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Reliability of point-of-sale data is only 34%!

In the past few years, consumer behaviour has evolved significantly thanks to the increased use of the Internet and smartphones in particular. Not a month goes by without a new study showing the importance of local searches in consumer patterns. However, many retailers with large brick-and-mortar networks have still not integrated this aspect into their thinking. Thanks to the studies we’ve carried out in recent years, we have been able to show that the reliability of point-of-sale data on the Web is only 34%.

What data?

The listing of points of sale on the Web is a specific discipline of Web marketing. Many initiatives can be carried out, and the data being managed are quite complex. To help you, here is a list of the data that must absolutely be included in the listing of your points of sale: 

  • Name - generally, this is the brand
  • Address
  • Business hours
  • Telephone number
  • Website

On what media?

The most important media types are those most often used by consumers to find information about your points of sale. As a general rule, we identify three types of media:

  1. Your own media: your website/your app, which should include a store locator
  2. Local search tools: Google, Facebook and Apple Maps
  3. National digital directories:
    • In France: Pages Jaunes, 118-218, 118-712, etc.
    • In Belgium: Pages D’or, 1307, heures-couvertures.com, etc.

There are other media on which you can post your point-of-sale information in order to optimise your listing, which will get you started.

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What is your situation?

Quite often we meet people in retail businesses who have little visibility of the listing of their points of sale. Mobilosoft has therefore developed an audit tool that helps identify strengths and areas of improvement. To do this, we take a sample of 15 to 20 points of sale in a retail network, and analyse the listing quality using our in-house methodology.

Once the audit is done, you will receive an audit report that includes an overall score, a score for each media type, a score for each data type, and a few problem areas.

Would you like to take advantage of this offer and receive a geolocation audit?

We will do it for you free of charge.

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