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We get more and more issus with point of sales duplicates inside Google. This article will help you better understand this situation.

In this context, I invite you to read the following article around the implementation of Google My Business for multiple point-of-sales Retailers.


How to solve the biggest problems with duplicate google my business

Fist, let's understand the management system:

Google has multiple sources to publish your point-of-sales data:

  1. A human encoding. this can be done eather by the marketing departement of a chain or by the stores. 
  2. Google Robots. These are browsing the web to find data and when they see something that looks like a point of sales, the data is used to create pages inside Google. 
  3. Google's partners.

In the case you manage your places inside Google, it is done on Google My Business.

Where do duplicates come from?

With so many data sources, it happens that the data are different for a single point of sales. Each having different naming conventions or specificities. Let's have a look at the most common error. Imagine you manage a restaurant chain whose name is: "eat and drink" and that you have a point of sales in York. Two person encode the content:

  1. The store manager encodes his point-of-sales as: "eat and drink York".
  2. The marketing responsible uses: "eat and drink".

NB: the good one is the second version.

it happens very frequently that we find more differences: adress (including shopping centers), phone numbers or event opening hours. With these differences, Google will think these are two different places. A duplicate is then created. The same principle is valid for all other sources.

What are the impacts for you?

These are straightforward:

  1. Your chain image is not similar accross the web
  2. Customers do not know which information is correct
  3. Google doesn't know what is the right information. Your ranking goes down. 

How to solve the biggest problems with duplicate google my business?

1 - Opt for a centralised approach:

Very often, you can solve this type of problem prior to see it happening. How? Simply by adopting a centralised approach. Manage your Google My Business account from the national marketing department. You'll be abel to decide the naming conventions and your data format. It is indeed not good to have one store name set as "eat and drink York" in York and another one as "eat and drink" in Bristol. 

2 - Inform your local stores management:

Don't fortget to tell them that you manage the data centraly. Why? In order to avoid them making the job once again and create duplicates. This is the origin of the majority of issues. 

Note that they are very often contacted by local agencies and photographers. The proposal is to create a Google+ page with a Google Virtual Tour. This is a good idea to make a Virtual Tour, but this must be linked to your centralised Google Account. Why? In order to avoid create duplicates. 

3 - Clean Google:

You must find all the duplicates created in Google and delete them on by one. This might be a heavy task, but it is the current best option! 



Point-of-sales management inside Google is not an easy task. But it is necessary and while seeing the stats, you will be very happy with the figures !

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