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How to correctly manage reviews and ratings published by customers?

15/03/17 00:26

Google treats 500 million local requests every day from which 250 million result in an in-store-visits (source: inc.com). Your local businesses have to be visible in these results to generate more turnover. This visibility is due to an optimised management of published reviews by your customers...

How obtain positive and qualitative returns?

  1. Optimize the in-store experience.
  2. Have a consistent local SEO to be more visible by the users.
  3. Setting up a communication encouraging the visitors to publish their appreciations on Google and answer to this with a personal message.


Advantages for stores and potential consumers

Customer evaluations are precious information that stores must collect and manage in order to :

  • Quantify the satisfaction of their visitors
  • List elements that will be able to improve the consumer experience in store
  • To have a better ranking in local google results
  • Define key performance indicators

Users are more confident because they quickly find your stores, can see several customer appreciations and, through interactions, observe that their reviews are taken into consideration.

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Example: EXKi case

Recently, with one of our customer, EKXi, we had a perfect example of the impact that a good reviews and ratings management can have. A customer had some questions about some products of one Brussels restaurant and set a negative review (2 stars) …

“ With the operational support and the suggestions of Mobilosoft, we were able to bring quickly a complete answer to the customer, which allowed stop them interrogations. Following this the customer has modified her review and set it to 5 stars. 
Olivier Pousset – Digital Coordinator




Topics: Reviews

Written by Ambre