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How poor communication with your franchisees and branches can compromise your Web-to-Store efforts..

13/06/17 08:02

At Mobilosoft, we see a lot of retailers - too many – who make the mistake of deploying their Web-to-Store projects unilaterally, without sharing the relevant information with their points of sale.

The strategy they put in place for their stores is usually managed from head office and local store managers aren’t even informed about it. This way of working generates the following problems:

  1. The points of sale are unaware of the benefits that your Web-to-Store actions are having on their business.

  2. Retailers and points of sale miss out on the opportunity to work in synergy with each other.

  3. Points of sale are then approached by small agencies offering the same services as the retailer’s Web-to-Store partner and often order similar services at 10 times the price.

Lack of communication between the retailer’s marketing department and the franchisees - branches inevitably leads to this third scenario, which can really jeopardise your Web-to-Store strategy, both financially and qualitatively.


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Written by Ambre