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How is Facebook going to automate your web-to-store ?

03/05/16 11:34

Since the Facebook Developer Conference (F8), it is what everybody is talking about. How and why robots created by the Social Media Genius are going to revolutionize the way retailers communicate with their customers?




First of all, what exactly is a Bot ? a Bot is an automatized robot which has the same functions as an app except that Bots are integrated into the Facebook communication app, Messenger.

The goal is to centralize a variety of different services in one app only. All the user has to do is to ask a question to a retailer on Messenger and the retailer takes care of realising all sorts of demands. 

Retailers can interact with their customers at any time. You can, therefore, via Messenger, develop your pictures, ask for a flower delivery or even talk to a Media in order to get information.





Example with CNN

Messenger wants to make the commercial transactions easy for the customer thanks to its app. But what are the pros and cons of those Bots?

First, the main benefit is the ease and speed of using it. Indeed, all the information are available thanks to only one interface. Exchanges are clear, fluid and short. However, the user has to accept to give personal information to Facebook like its credit card number to place an order. Some users think the Bot talks too much and others think it is too slow. Indeed, Poncho can sometimes take an hour to give you the weather.

How to make a profit of this revolution to your web-to-store strategy?

  • Screen-Shot-2016-04-13-at-12.38.13-PM.pngCheck the availability in store

You can share with your clients on the availability of a product in a particular store. The demand is fast and easy.

  • Click and Collect

You can also use Click and Collect and apply it to your Bot. Customers are able to order from you via the Bot and collect its product directly into the store.

  • Share your special opening hours

Sometimes it happens that your point of interest has special opening hours. In addition to share those special opening hours on Google with your customers, you can also communicate them directly to your customers.

  • Sharing promotions

If someone asks you about your promotions, you can easily inform them thanks to Messenger. The customer is directly informed, but you can also engage a conversation and redirect them towards other products and/or services.
  • Into your Store Locator

You can use Bots to integrate your store locator or even share information on the localisation of your point of sales.

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