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Topic overview:

1. How will my Google Post appear in Google Search and Google Maps? >
2. The different types of content your can share with a Google Post >
3. The Google Post, at the heart of your digital local strategy >
4. Tutorials from Mobilosoft >
5. Inspiration and Cases >

Google My Business is the leading platform to manage the visibility of your shop, restaurant, agency or business within Google. One of the most important features of Google My Business is the Google Post, which allows you to share local content on the Google My Business page of your business.

How will my Google Post appear in Google Search and Google Maps?

google-postsGoogle Posts can be divided in 2 categories:

  • First you have the ‘Classic’ Post’, including a 100 to 300 word text, an image and an optional call to action.

  • Secondly you have the ‘Event Posts’, which also includes a title and a start and end date as well

Visibility conditions

No matter the device (Desktop/Mobile) or media, (Google Search/ Google Maps) you’re looking on, the ‘Classic Posts’ will stay visible for 7 days. Your ‘Event Posts’ will stay visible until the end date you set for your Event.

Afterwards your post becomes invisible, but it doesn’t get deleted, it gets archived. All your previous posts can be checked by your audience on your Google My Business Page. (Except for Google Maps on Desktop) 

The link to your Google Post history is visible as long as your posts follow the visibility conditions.

The visibility of your Post in Google Search:
On desktop and on Mobile, the space allocated for the Google Post will disappear if you don’t have any post left that follow the visibility conditions. You can access the Google Post history by clicking the link (marked by the arrow) ‘show everything’.

google-posts google-posts

Preview of active posts/ Preview of your Google post history

Your Google Post in Google Maps
Whether on desktop or on mobile, the space dedicated to your Google Posts will disappear when you don’t have any message left that matches the visibility conditions. On desktop you will only see the latest Google Post that is adequate to the visibility conditions. You can only access the Google Post history on Google Maps via mobile by clicking on the button ‘show everything’ (marked by the arrow)

google-posts google-posts

Preview of active Google Posts/ Preview of your Google Post history (mobile only)

The different types of content your can share with a Google Post

One of the main advantages of the Google Post is that you can activate your local audience thanks to the call to actions available for each. The ‘book’, ‘order online’, ‘buy’, ‘subscribe’ and ‘know more’ buttons will make sure you get the right call to action for every type of action you want to share!

This means that different types of message can be shared with your local audience:

- Announce exceptional opening hours
- Share a discount on your products
- Promote new features of your business
- Let your audience order and pick up goods in your points of sale
- Spread a subscription form for your upcoming events

Notice: As usual, Google established guidelines regarding the content of your Google Posts.

The Google Post at the heart of your digital local strategy

The publication of Google Posts will definitely enhance your local online visibility. It is thus key to use this Google feature to promote and share content with the local audience of one of your stores. You can consider each Google My Business page as a local communication channel that can be activated through Google Posts.

Reminder: an optimal online visibility also requires a presence (your Store Locator, Local pages on various medias,...) and a SEO optimisation on content and pictures, which includes sharing content through Google Posts on a regular basis.

Tutorials from Mobilosoft

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Inspiration and Cases

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What about Review Management on Google my Business?

ebook-reviewsIn addition to Google Posts, Google My Business enables you to manage various tools in order to attract customers to the points of sale of you organisation. One of those tools is the review management on Google My Business, which enables you to interact with your local audience. Furthermore, positive reviews and ratings will impact you business in a positive way.

Mobilosoft made an e-Book on this topic, describing why and how you should manage your incoming reviews and ratings to increase in-store traffic and enhance your overall reputation. To receive this e-book, you can check the following link!



By Ambre