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Google tools are constantly evolving, and GMB is no exception to the rule.
Here's a look at the new functionalities released in the past few weeks, which will help optimise your online presence.

Choose your Google My Business alerts

You can now configure notifications from the Google My Business dashboard. In other words, you can choose to receive an alert when:

  • A customer posts a review or a photo about your business
  • Some information on your card needs to be checked in order to optimise its performance
  • Customised statistics and tips about your customers and your cards are available
  • Updates for GMB are available (new functionalities and offers)
  • Google sometimes gives you the opportunity to send comments about its products

You can also choose to receive these notifications by e-mail, on your mobile (via the app) or both.

Alerts with important information are set automatically, and therefore you cannot configure them. The chosen configuration applies to cards for the account presently connected to Google My Business.

Popular times are now included in the live data about visits

Last summer, Google launched the Popular Times service (Search and Maps), which displays a graph of the average traffic in a business depending on the time of day. This average is calculated based on data collected during the past few weeks.

 "A little busy. Correct?" 

Nevertheless, the concept has just been perfected, thanks to an indicator of real-time traffic at the location.
Consequently, an additional segment appears, showing the current popularity superimposed over the normal popularity. There are also reviews that users can react to.


How does displaying live data influence consumer behaviour, and how does it make sense in the web-to-store approach ?

By having an estimate of the average time customers are spending in a point of sale, potential consumers can really prepare for their visit and appreciate it more, particularly in crowded places (shopping malls, restaurants, etc.). They'll be less hesitant to go, they'll have less frustration during their visit, and therefore they'll be more receptive to the products or services on offer.

Notes: The visiting customer's Google location history must be turned on. Therefore, the information cannot be added manually and is displayed as soon as a minimum amount of data have been collected.

Google is also testing SMS and Allo chatting in local search results. Check out the article!

3 new sections in the GMB dashboard

It's important for the information indicated in Google Search and Google Maps to be up-to-date and reliable.
To make management easier, specific cards are now included at the top of the dashboard:

  • Account summary
  • To do
  • A list of upcoming holiday hours

A dropdown menu appears under the first 2 columns, so you can filter locations depending on the type of revisions to make. For example, Formatting errors, Duplicate addresses or Google updates may appear in the changes to make, if any.


By Ambre