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The previous month was filled up about "Google Local" topic since there have been several updates in the Google My Business and the local SERP. Local brands are therefore the most impacted by these improvements. And it's always interesting to remember the importance of having the means available to take advantage of the new features and take the advantage over the competition.

Suggested answers from ... published answers! (but not only)

This early June, took place the full deployment of "automatic" responses in the Q & A part of the establishment files on Google (desktop).

In April, at the beginning of this development, the users’ suggested answers seemed to come exclusively from existing answers (made by the owners or by the Net surfers) and customer opinions. Today this feature allows Google Posts to display previous published answers or opinions that are relatively relevant with the input keywords of the user.



This means that it's more important than ever to have an active ad management strategy, use the publishing tool, and monitor the FAQ on Google My Business. The stats from our latest GMB 2019 study reinforces this point.

How to optimize the response suggestions of your Google My Business Q & A?

  • Start by setting up a process for answering the reviews
  • Identify the strategic queries that can be published on your listing. For example, list questions that encourage users to use certain keywords in their answer. You can seek help from your customers to publish specific questions.

  • Actively respond to opinions whether positive or negative.



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By Ambre