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In order to add services to your business in Google Maps or Google Search, you had to be a restaurant to access this feature. But Google enabled this feature for all types of businesses! Until now only restaurants could edit their menu the way the wanted, without having to follow the suggestions made by Google My Business.

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This is now feasible for all types of businesses. But as for the pages including a restaurant menu, this feature will only be available for English versions of Google My Business before rolling out for all languages.

We can also notice that a new icon within the platform gives you direct access to editing your services.

Your can see the icon to edit your menu (only for restaurants)/ You see the icon to edit your list of services



Here you can see a preview of the menu enabling you to edit your list of services

What is the difference between attributes and the editable information on Google my Business?

Attributes are complementary informations about your business suggested by Google My Business (these attributes vary depending on the type of business and the country you’re active in). Those attributes aren’t mandatory, one can decide to show these attributes or not. Before the development of the menu for restaurants, this was the only way to provide your audience with more detailed information about your business.

Most Attributes can be recognized by the following icon tag-services-gmb, for example: 

- Accessibility
- Specific information for restaurants/hotels (Wi-Fi, terrasse with tables...)
- Payment methods
- Proposed services
- ...

Other information can be edited were you see the following sign url-services-gmb

- URL to import your menu/ list of services
- URL to directly order from your website
- URL to book a table
- ...


Here you can see the suggestions of Google for the attribute ‘payment methods’ within the GMB Dashboard


What about Review Management on Google my Business?

ebook-reviewsGoogle My Business enables you to manage various tools in order to attract customers to the points of sale of you organisation. One of those tools is the review management on Google My Business, which enables you to interact with your local audience. Furthermore, positive reviews and ratings will impact you business in a positive way.

Mobilosoft made an e-Book on this topic, describing why and how you should manage your incoming reviews and ratings to increase in-store traffic and enhance your overall reputation. To receive this e-book, you can check the following link!


By Ambre