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Currently beta testing across a limited number of US cities, this new function will provide additional assistance to drivers using Google Maps and will help generate traffic towards brands’ stores.

After the recent inclusion of Uber ride requests, the map app is adding another new option. When a route is displayed, it will also indicate the likelihood of finding a parking spot close to the destination entered by the mobile user.

Displayed alongside the estimated journey time, it will consist of a ‘P’ and one of three possible levels: easy, medium and limited. According to Google, these results are based on historical parking data. Basically, it uses the same data as the web giant’s Popular Times service, combined with the average visit duration.

(source : androidpolice.com)

Additional help with consumer activation

This functionality complements other services aimed at consumers that helps brands generate traffic at their branches. Here’s a reminder of them:

  • The correct use of addresses and opening hours (and special opening hours)
  • Contact methods: phone calls and, coming soon, instant messaging
  • Details of products and services offered
  • Display of photos of the store
  • Route calculation (for which the number of requests through Google was impressive for Mobilosoft clients in 2016).


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By Ambre