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Although Google Maps is the most popular mapping application, this did not prevent Google from acquiring Waze for over a billion dollars in 2013. In contrary to the fears often expressed, the application has not been interrupted, but Google has gradually integrated Waze's driving features into Google Maps.

Since the beginning, Waze has been running on the community and user contributions, which was not the case with Google Maps. Then features were slowly integrated: nearby gas prices, speed bump reports and alerts on slowing traffic, adding stops in the route...

Today Google has just integrated new real-time action possibilities for users, as part of reporting road conditions. Drivers using Google Maps will be able to add reports on work in progress, lane closures, broken vehicles and objects on the road.

Road accidents were already reportable in Android, as well as traffic slowdowns and even the presence of radars in some countries. This is now planned for Google Maps on iOS worldwide.

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