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Google has decided to put in place a new functionality allowing the automatic translation of online reviews into the language set on a user’s PC or mobile device. From now on, when they use Google Maps or Google Search to find a location, the reviews will be translated automatically.The local reputation of your points of sale online (reviews and scores) impacts upon a consumer’s choice of whether to visit you or not. This Web-to-Store dynamic is verified in real life, as 84% of consumers say they trust the opinions shared online by their peers. Until today, this feedback has been displayed in the local language only, which could cause problems for web users not familiar with that language.

As well as being an obstacle for tourists or new arrivals in a country who want to visit restaurants, shops or other types of establishments, this also affects your points of sale, which lose out on a significant number of potential consumers.

What effect will this translation functionality have on your points of sale?

This new feature is a precious asset for your Web-to-Store strategy, as it makes the feedback much more comprehensible and therefore much more visible. Good management of your local reputation online is more vital than ever for the activation of consumers and for the generation of traffic at your points of sale.

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By Ambre