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You are considering launching a nation-wide media campaign for your business. But is it the right choice? And what if other options were more cost-effective?

Of course, a well-designed "above-the-line" campaign will increase your business' notoriety. Also, it will undeniably flatter your ego: seeing your brand displayed everywhere around town and in national magazines, hearing your radio ads and seeing television ads in prime time will certainly give you the impression of having spent your marketing budget well. But is it really the case? Here are a few questions which will help you make the right choice.

Are your points of sale everywhere?

First question to ask yourself: is this costly national campaign justified by the extent of your network? What about all the areas where you do not have any points of sale? Why spend money to reach consumers who, no matter what, will not be able to shop in your stores? Doesn't an ad campaign on local media in the various areas where you are located seem more economical and cost-effective?


Are your points of sale listed online?

Did you know that when they need a product or service, 73% of Internet users turn to a search engine? Are you sure consumers will find your stores? Have you correctly listed them on Google Maps? On Facebook? On local online directories? On the best-known online review sites? Is the information correct? It may be time to check… And by the same occasion, to make sure that your opening hours are correct, because you could be letting customers get away!

CONCLUSION: invest in web-to-store?

Of course, it is not our intention to get you away from your "above-the-line" campaign. But maybe it could be in your interest to question what your priorities are. What is the point of an ad campaign if you are invisible to those who are looking for you?


Check if your point of sales are well positioned on-line