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A few months ago Google has introduced the button "Follow" on the pages of the location present in Google Maps. This feature allows users to view publications from their favorite places in one place. Originally this “call to action” was only available in some countries via Android. But lately we have seen that more and more Google My Business Pages are affected, including iOS.

For the networks of signs it is a good reminder on the importance and the future of the Google Posts:

How does the "Follow" button work in Google Maps?

suivre-bouton-google-mapsCrédit d'image : Google

By clicking on the "Follow" button of a local business listing, the user will be automatically notified as soon as this company publishes a new one: through the "For you" tab visible when Google Maps opens. The "For you" section displays not only the publications of the followed signs, but also suggestions based on search history and preferences.

In any case, the feature continues its deployment and will affect more and more owners of Google records. This is the subject of the next point.

Why this feature will impact Google Post?

Prior to this update, users had to search your businesses for news, and now Google Post is much more attractive from a marketing perspective. Signs now have an additional reason to want to create content to retain their subscribers..


Nouveau call-to-action

By Ambre