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Facebook: what’s the benefit for a brand of creating local pages for its stores from a Web-to-Store perspective?

11/05/17 08:00

Facebook offers a special application for the listing of points of sale on its site and apps: Facebook Locations. Local stores can create a ‘Locations’-type page that then allows them to highlight their info (address, opening hours, contact details, offers, specific content, etc.).

 This allows businesses structured into multiple points of sale to group together all of their stores’ pages within a main “Locations” app, available in both desktop and tablet & mobile versions.

Apart from the visual appeal for potential consumers, having a Facebook page offers other advantages, as the app also makes it possible to:

  • Manage the pages at different levels, i.e. centralised, decentralised, directly within the brand’s Facebook account, via an agency, or via a platform such as Mobilosoft (by connecting it to the app).
  • Automatically create a brand Store Locator on Facebook, without having to include a Mobilosoft Store Locator in the system. This offers an undeniable advantage, as it is available on mobile devices, whereas the Mobilosoft Store Locators integrated with Facebook Apps are not.
  • Choose on which local store pages to duplicate content.
  • Correctly position the Facebook pages in local search results: As search technology develops, Facebook is increasingly being used for local searches, especially by younger age groups. At the same time, we’re seeing a considerable rise in the number of local searches carried out using voice commands. In this context, if you ask a virtual assistant for “the best 3 rotisseries in Paris" and the "La Boucherie" points of sale have no local pages on Facebook, then they will not come up.
  • Provide high-quality geo-localised advertising with increased ease.

How can a brand’s point-of-sale Facebook pages be managed?

Mobilosoft supports the configuration that enables the brand to create or assemble its stores’ local pages via the “Locations” app on its own page (the brand’s main page).

What’s more, Facebook allows the roles of admin, editor, moderator, advertiser or analyst to be assigned to any individual who has their own personal account linked to a page. Specific permissions are defined for each role, with the admin possessing all the access and action permissions for the page, beginning with the management of roles. Learn more about permissions

For more simplified management of local Facebook pages, use the Mobilosoft platform

The brands we work with benefit from the real-time posting and updating of practical and local info (opening hours, contact, special offers, etc.) on their stores’ individual Facebook pages.

Recently, Mobilosoft deployed a platform permitting the management of these data for Facebook as well as for other web media.

Where Facebook’s concerned, the Mobilosoft platform will eventually allow:

  • Management of reviews published on stores’ local pages
  • Publishing of posts
  • Viewing of your Web-to-Store performance reports


Topics: Facebook

Written by Ambre