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Two additional functions allow businesses that manage multiple points of sale to better connect with the closest consumers.local_store-558797-edited

These two tools have been added to the set of already available options for businesses that have multiple points of sale.

Better targeted ads

The first change concerns local ads. Now, business managers may:

  • use "dynamic" text in their local ads. Concretely, this means that for each store the ad can search through the information on that store's local page for information to insert into the ad itself: name of the city or town, telephone number, address...
  • select stores to which a campaign applies, and for each store, choose a range where the campaign will be activated and displayed on the phone of mobile Internet users
  • receive personalised reports from the store to better assess the effectiveness of different actions

More information on local consumers

Also, for each point of sale, Facebook's "Insights Page" opens an additional area, dedicated to local marketing of this point of sale:

  • demographic profile of users: the report offers aggregated data on age, gender, tourist status or local resident status...
  • days and times when the most Internet users pass by their stores
  • percentage of people around the point of sale who have actually seen its ads...

These two tools will thus allow businesses to better manage their local actions but also to better understand the profile of mobile Internet users who are near their points of sale.

While this tool is more then welcome, true multi-channel management of local marketing remains hard to conduct. That is why Mobilosoft offers its clients simple and effective multicasting tools. 

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