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We are very happy and proud to announce that Mobilosoft has acquired its French counterpart e-wego, a company specialised in presence management. We welcome Nicolas and Stéphane into the Mobilosoft logofamily.

We are convinced that the combination of our technologies, our solutions and our approaches will be an enormous plus for the web-to-store market and for our customers!

Below you will find a press release announcing this event in the web-to-store world.

The Belgian start-up Mobilosoft is acquiring its web-to-store counterpart e-wego in Paris

Brussels, 3 December 2015 - Does Internet mean the death of the brick-and-mortar store? Not necessarily. With its web-to-store expertise, Mobilosoft helps businesses bring web-generated traffic into their physical points of sale. In less than 5 years, this Brussels-based start-up has become the reference in Belgium. And its ambitions don't stop there: Mobilosoft has just acquired its French counterpart e-wego.

Web-to-store is now the essential basis of any marketing strategy for retail brands with multiple points of sale (stores, restaurants, shopping centres, etc.). The goal? To help retailers attract consumers into their stores at the best possible time: when consumers are doing searches on their PC, smartphone or tablet. Does that seem paradoxical? Not at all!

According to Mobilosoft, web-to-store involves three essential, strategic steps: be present, be attractive, and be relevant. For each of these steps, Mobilosoft offers its customers solutions tailored to their needs.

"Until very recently, digital managers for retail brands were focussed on e-commerce. But they are gradually realising that they were neglecting a very promising market: people who use the web to gather information before going to a brick-and-mortar store. And the sales volume those people generate is much greater than from pure e-commerce. Our role is to help them put strategies in place to reach this as-yet unexploited market," explains Georges- Alexandre Hanin, CEO and founder of Mobilosoft.

What makes Mobilosoft special? Its focus on the return on investment of these web-to-store campaigns. The firm is not content to define a strategy adapted to retailers' needs: it is always measuring the results obtained, and it adapts the solutions implemented in its customers' businesses as a function of those results. This continuous improvement process enables its customers to maximise the cost-effectiveness of their web-to-store budget.

"Founded in 2009, e-wego is the French specialist in Presence Management (local multicasting for points of sale). Thanks to our acquisition by Mobilosoft (web-to-store leader in Belgium) and the merging of our technologies and know-how, we can meet the increasing demand of our customers for web-to-store solutions and make the most comprehensive offer on the French market", explains Stéphane Aubert, managing director and founder of e- wego.

What makes e-wego special? E-wego is the only service provider that has partnered with all the major (national and international) local search media.

More major retailers

Georges-Alexandre Hanin, a young sales engineer from Brussels, founded Mobilosoft in 2010. In five years, his start-up has become the leader on the Belgian market for generating measurable web-to-store traffic. Mobilosoft has acquired e-wego in Paris, thus doubling its number of customers. By acquiring its Paris-based competitor, the Brussels firm now has even more major retail brands among its customers: Ikea, Carrefour, Proximus, Mobistar, Spar, Lidl, Tom&Co, Quick, Panos, Auto 5, Multipharma, Medi-market, JBC, Di, Lola&Lisa, Léon de Bruxelles, Jeff de Bruges, Courtepaille …

And they are satisfied customers: "For today's connected consumer, searching for a point of sale and a product increasingly starts with the Internet (smartphones and PC)," says Nicolas Znamensky, Medi-Market digital manager. "We therefore believe it's essential to help consumers find what they need as efficiently as possible. The solutions proposed by Mobilosoft help us direct web users to the point of sale in our network that best fits their needs: location, business hours, availability of the product they're looking for, etc."